Do you fancy Dunkin Donuts?  Then pop our version of these little munchkins in your mouth! Available in Chocolate, Red velvet, Cookies-and-cream and of course, there is the constantly in-demand line of orange powder-coated bonbons that always seemed to jump out in an otherwise neutral display of pastries - Choco Butternut! 


Dream Cake


Dream Cake is a mouth watering freshly bake cake straight in a tin can. The chocolatey and gooey taste of the cake makes you crave more for it. 


The dessert has four components—a densely moist chocolate cake base followed by a thick smooth chocolate fudge that you can get lost in. But before you can dig in, you have to crack the thin chocolate shard layer sprinkled with bittersweet cocoa powder.



An empanada is a type of pastry baked or fried in Hispanic cultures. The name comes from the Spanish verb empanar, and literally translates as "enbreaded", that is, wrapped or coated in bread. Empanadas are made by folding dough over a stuffing, which may consist of meat, cheese, corn, or other ingredients.


Delicious empanada is a great merienda option. Its handy size makes it the perfect flavor-packed meal for merienda you can eat while on the go. 

Pan de Coco


Pan de Coco is a sweet soft bread stuffed with sweetened grated coconut meat. It is a popular Filipino snack sold in most of the local bakeries that dot almost every street in the Philippines.


Although the bread enjoys an iconic status in our food culture, Filipinos cannot claim the monopoly of Pan de Coco or even its origin. The name itself denotes that it is of Spanish roots. But is it? With a little digging (or googling), I learned that it came from Central America, Honduras to be exact, and was introduced to the early Filipinos by the Spanish settlers in 1600.

Spanish Bread


Spanish bread is a Filipino yeasted bread filled with a lightly sweet mix of butter and sugar. The bread is shaped into logs and rolled in bread crumbs, then baked until fluffy and golden brown.


This is a soft, buttery and lightly sweet bread that’s perfect for breakfast or snack.